WellnEx Stay - Skip the guilt and stay in shape while travelling!

When traveling, your hotel is your home away from home. But you and your family may have unwanted company — your hotel room could be a haven for germs, parasites, and other threats to healthy travel – poor air quality in hotel rooms, germs in unexpected places, delicious but unhealthy food and more chaos than serenity.

What if you could experience holistic wellness in every travel stay you did – business, leisure or adventure?

Every travel becomes a Wellness Holiday for you, while you immerse yourself into the wilderness of our complete wellbeing and wellness, while enjoying yourself to your heart’s desire.

What if you could immerse yourself into properties:

  • Covering the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional and carefully curated wellness program
  • 100% biologically protected rooms and indoors
  • 100% protection against invisible toxins in the air (pollutants)
  • 100% protected indoors against the harmful electrosmogs & radiations
  • 100% organic food grown in-house within the hotel premises (rooftop farms)
  • 100% natural food – no artificial drinks or food
  • Traditional therapies, SPA and Wellness sessions

Come experience the entire new world of wellness while you explore the world.

At our STAY, you can be rest assured that you will travel worry free of any health worries that you could take back home.

More details coming soon…..