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Anti-Microbial Surface Protection Services

Why do we need Anti-microbial Services?

Todays life is touch dependent and whatever we do, in our day to day life – opening the door, touching the keyboards, TV remote, earphones, cellphones or any surface, anything we do, all depend on touch. Public places and their common surfaces are more prone to thousands of touch each day, by people from varied genetic background. Any surface can harbour bacteria and spread infection.

This becomes deadly when surfaces used by multiple people (common areas) are exposed to touch – that’s how 80% of surface related infectious diseases spread.

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some of our awesome Services

Other might promise you but WellnEx Inda promptly delivers it to you with an Eco-Friendly approach.

  • WellnEx Greens

    WellnEx Greens is all about GREEN! In the developing nation like ours, small-scale urban farms are seen as an antidote

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  • WellnEx Animalia

    At WellnEx Animalia, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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  • WellnEx STAY

    WellnEx Secure you and your family to unwanted germs, parasites, and other threats

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