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High Touch Surfaces:

Using the WellnEx Antimicrobial Services can stop the expansion of germs by rupturing harmful microbes on contact and stay full strength 24/7 for a longer period. Recommended high touch surfaces include doorknobs, door handles, shared technology, elevators, handrails, and different high-touch surfaces.

Office Furniture & Upholstery

The air-conditioned office indoors provides furniture and upholstery items a pool for breeding pathogenic organisms. This makes susceptible the colonization of microbial threat, which, if not mitigated, exposes the users to multiple health hazards. WellnEx Antimicrobial services provides 24*7 protection to the furniture’s & upholstery as well as the users for as long as 6 months** in a single application.

Carpets & Curtains

WellnEx Antimicrobial services ensures complete protection against any microbial growth on every surface, including fabrics & textiles. Office indoors added by the porous nature of carpets; curtains & sofa cushions too are breeding heavens for pathogenic organisms. Our services make even these hosts uninhabitable for the microbial growth.

Workstations & Cubicles

Workstations are prone to inhibit pathogenic microbial growth especially ones which are used by multiple users. Meeting Rooms are always exposed to health hazard exposures as users with varied genetic background use them. Our services ensures 24*7 protection against such risks.

Health Care & Medical Facilities

WellnEx Antimicrobial Services uses the most advanced antimicrobial addictives from AEGIS® combined with the professional application process that ensures 360 degree covering every single inches of the facility.

Healthcare facilities – clinics, maternity centre, hospitals and all categories of healthcare, by the very way of their operation, expose patients, staffs as well as visitors to microbial contamination that lead to infectious diseases. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) accounts to one of the major reasons of deaths globally each year. Every corner of a healthcare facility can potentially transfer contaminating pathogenic organisms from surface to surface and person to person.

While most healthcare facilities use best available infection control measures and solutions, keeping the surfaces protected for a longer duration of time between each cleaning, is a distant task yet. With WellnEx Antimicrobial Services, using AEGIS Microbe Shield technology, we control this ongoing spread of infectious microbes as an effective protection against HAI.

AEGIS Microbe Shield is an EPA approved environmentally friendly as well as user friendly antimicrobial. While this chemistry is ecologically adaptive, it also is unique because it does not employ killing of microbes using toxic chemical which also affect environment. Instead, this chemistry used physical killing mechanism which effectively prevents generation of adaptive organisms (Antimicrobial Resistant Organisms/ Super bugs). The mode of action of AEGIS Microbe Shield is physical and its molecular makeup alleviates these concerns.

Gyms & Fitness Centres

Today, more than ever, people are concerned about their overall health. We go to the gym to be healthy and fit. But recent study shows that people maybe getting more than flat abs and strong arms there. Gyms can be hobbits of germs activity. A recent study found some of the gym equipment has more than 350 more times bacteria than a toilet seat. For example, a treadmill has 74 times more bacteria than a water faucets. Free weights has 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Because so many people handle them, weight machines, exercise balls and free weights are rive with bugs and viruses that can be lead to cause and other infections. The sweaty, humid conditions in the locker rooms are the perfect pertidish for nasty bugs such as Staphylococcus (staphs), Streptococcus (streps) & MRSA. The gym shower stall, is riddles with fungi and organisms that cause infections, like Athletes foot, ringworms and worse.

WellnEx Antimicrobial services ensures that you can provide a healthy environment to all who train and work at your facility.

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