Message from the Founders

David Baskey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website – Thank You!

WellnEx is the result of our sincere and inner desire to be able to be the change agent for the World and bring the best of the world of wellness to all.

We are in a mission to be able to contribute towards making the World a healthier place and enabling every household and entity to also contribute towards it.

We are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future growth at WellnEX. Wellness is indeed the next Trillion Dollar industry and our holistic approach towards bringing a complete range of wellness products and services affirms that we are in the right path.

Our R&D approach to create our own farming solutionsis an engine for innovation towards the green revolution, as our high calibre people, our strong business associations with be best in the industry and our proven technologies continue to be an endless source of original product ideas and services.

At WellnEx we are continuously seeking new opportunities and challenges and we look forward to extending our network of customers and business partners targeting the development of innovative Wellness solutions across our Geographical limits as we broaden with time and growth.

Mr. Dhairyya Rana

Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I am pleased to welcome you to the WellnEx India website, and giving us the opportunity to showcase what we have in store, not only for you but for the entire surrounding around you.

WellnEx is a result of the thought process and conglomeration of certain like-minded individuals who want to contribute towards the society and environment.

Consumers today are more aware and concerned towards health & wellness. Which make health and wellness no longer a lack of illness and disease, but a more holistic state of being, where’s one mental, physical & emotional health are in sync.

In the era of cutting-edge technology and customization, we bring you the gamut of solutions which are not only innovative but best in class too. We at WellnEx aim to create and sustain long-term value for our customers, clients and stakeholders by providing them with the best wellness solutions under one roof.

Our progressive thinking and creative approach for bringing the world of wellness to you is what makes us stand out. We continuously explore the new dimensions of wellness and broaden our offering as we grow with the time.