Anti-Microbial Surface Protection Services ?

Todays life is touch dependent and whatever we do, in our day to day life – opening the door, touching the keyboards, TV remote, earphones, cellphones or any surface, anything we do, all depend on touch. Public places and their common surfaces are more prone to thousands of touch each day, by people from varied genetic background. Any surface can harbour bacteria and spread infection.

This becomes deadly when surfaces used by multiple people (common areas) are exposed to touch – that’s how 80% of surface related infectious diseases spread.

WellnEx India recognizes this problem and understand

the best cleaning solutions today can only keep a surface clean for a limited period of time or until the next usage – any contamination after cleaning leads to the harmful micro-organisms to grow and harbour, thus exposing the users of cross contamination until the surface is cleaned again. There had to be a solution which gives long term protection to the surface against harmful microbes. That is where WellnEx Anti-Microbial Surface Protection services comes in play – we help de-contaminate and protect all indoors against all surface borne infections.

Microban® is the global leader in antimicrobial, odor control, and surface modification technologies. Our proactive systems keep products cleaner, fresher and more durable by preventing problems before they start. Microban's portfolio of additives enhance consumer, textile, industrial, and medical products across the globe, ensuring you have a product that stands out from the crowd.

WELLNEX INDIA is the Official & Exclusive Partner of Microban International for their AEGIS® Microbe Shield Antimicrobial technology in the Territory of INDIA. Under this collaboration, WellnEx is the solely responsible to Sale & Service its Microbe Shield antimicrobial product in India with trade name AEGIS®.

AEGIS Environmental Management Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microban and AEGIS® Microbe Shield is the patented Antimicrobial technology which is the world leader in antimicrobial additives.

WellnEx India has been appointed by Microban as their exclusive sales & service partners for the territory of India and is the official licensee for using the trademark AEGIS® for their services.

The AEGIS Microbe Shield has been widely used widely in hospital applications for a great number of years to great effect in controlling against a broad spectrum of all known bacteria, fungi, and algae.

Healthcare facilities, by the very nature of their operation, expose patients and staff to microbial contamination that can lead to infectious disease. Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are among the top ten causes of death in the United States. HAI is estimated to result in as many as 98,000 deaths each year at an annual cost of up to $29 billion.

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